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MyMoney Launches iBOP To Assist Business with Business Operational Planning and Pitch Tools

My Money Australia (“MyMoney”), a financial technology and solutions company, today announced the launch of iBOP® – Integrated Business Operations Planning tool to assist startups through to existing business. The idea was founded by a Secondary School student in Sydney when looking for a simple solution to start up and manage new business ideas. Large numbers of standalone documents and templates exist in various formats, however, a simple online solution with simple easy to use features was difficult to find. With funding support from Global Mutual Funds and mentoring support regarding startups and SME’s requirements from Local Knowledge a CPA Public Practice, MyMoney was able to organise the idea and develop a more efficient way of business planning, operations and analysis.

The tool business support tool operates within a cloud based environment, enabling access via multiple access platforms where the business can access and own the information but provide access to their advisers including accountants, consultants, bankers, lawyers, staff, investors and many other potential users. The ability to manage the user plus manage the individual access to various functionality provides flexibility and transparency of the process. Having the ability of users to work on the information of the business within a central location reduces the need to continually email documents about the business and try to successfully merge contributor comments and feedback. Providing a generic solution customisable to specific companies and industry enables the flexibility for competitive solutions for business and advisers.

iBOP® provides access to online scheduling of tasks, standardised pitch templates, business and operational planning, customisable analytical scorecard for rating purposes, presentation tools, business forms, financial forecasting and rules based engine. The approach was to address the key functionality many of the functions required to start up a business and operate. The business tools are integrated providing ongoing access from a PC to a tablet. Access to the functionality can be either direct with entity or alternatively advisers may offer the services as part of a complete or partial package of services complimenting existing relationships. An example maybe a public accountant wishing to compliment business advisory services with accounting and taxation.

MyMoney’s goal is to develop financial technology solutions alongside young entrepreneurial and innovative individuals that are looking to create the future opportunities. Encouragement of ideas, enthusiasm for innovation, improving efficiency and the ability to accept input as new ideas are introduced as they strive to innovate and invent for both the short and long term.

MyMoney Has Been Named One of Australia’s ‘Coolest’ Businesses in Anthill Magazine’s Ninth Annual Cool Company Awards

MyMoney, a online financial services business enabling self directed investors take control of their investments with the refunding of commissions on superannuation, term deposits and managed funds, has scored a place in the Top 100 Coolest Companies in Australia and Highly Commendable in the Micro Business category of Anthill Magazine’s 2014 Annual Cool Company Awards, a national program developed in 2006 to recognise Australian companies that are doing things differently to bring about positive change.

Judging takes into account far more than mere business variables, such as revenue and wealth. There are over 800,000 micro-businesses operating in Australia and it a hard task to stand out from the crowd. The criteria was geared to consider other qualities, from the disruptive nature of the product or service to the culture of the organisation including innovation, entrepreneurship, youthful attitude, reinvention, creativity and the X factor. The eligibility criteria for the Micro Business Award required no more than four (4) full-time employees. The winner has built a market presence that is disproportionate to its relative size, through creative or entrepreneurial means plus the above award criteria.

Over 700 aspiring ‘cool companies’ were nominated for the 2014 awards, making ‘The Cools’ one of the largest business awards programs in Australia.

“The Cool Company Awards are extremely egalitarian,” said Awards Founder James Tuckerman. “Previous winners have included two-person start-ups, not-for-profit social enterprises, large private companies and publicly-listed corporations.”

“Applicants either nominated themselves or were nominated by peers, work colleagues, family, friends and other ‘admirers’.

What are Cool Company Awards?

The Cool Company Awards was launched in 2006 as a way for Anthill Magazine to publicly acknowledge and celebrate Australian organisations that are doing things differently to bring about positive change. In its eighth year, the awards attracted nominations for over 700 organisations, making it among the largest business award programs in Australia.

What is Anthill Magazine? is a digital business magazine that celebrates creativity, inspiration and commercial ingenuity, providing a fresh, exciting and practical perspective on Australian business in a global world. It is among the Top 50 Business & Finance websites in Australia, as ranked by Nielsen Online Ratings, and is home to the Cool Company Awards, the 30under30 and the Smart 100. It’s where ideas and business meet.

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