Reduce Your Home Loan

How to Pay off your Mortgage Without Spending a Cent!


MyMoney patented process (patent no: AU 2002318660)

Save thousands in interest and years of your mortgage

If you have a home loan and also have a superannuation account, managed fund, unit trust, cash management trust, wrap account and/or personal insurances, you can reduce your mortgage period and save thousands in interest.

This new innovative concept allows you to use these commissions to pay down your home loan on a monthly basis. Utilising our Peer to Peer lending solution, you can lodge your details and help utilise your untouched commissions to help pay down the interest on the loan. Register now.

My Money Australia has the exclusive and innovative service that utilizes commissions on financial service products to assist with the payment of your loans. If you want some extra money to help pay off your home loan this service is for you.

Go to the online calculator to illustrate the benefits that can be obtained from commissions being utilized towards the home loan.

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