Our Fees

Commission Refunds - we have the lowest fees!

Our fees are taken from the commissions received. There is no joining fee or member fee and no more to pay.

With our fee structure you will always receive something.

Value of Commissions Fees Refund to You
First $480 $240 (50%) plus GST ($24.00) $216
Amount in excess of $480 0.0 100%


Example of the potential refund

Value of Investments Average Rate Commission Annual Refund
$50,000 0.4% $200.00 $100.00
$100,000 0.4% $400.00 $200.00
$150,000 0.4% $600.00 $360.00
$300,000 0.4% $1,200.00 $960.00

Note: Commission rates will vary between investments and this table excludes any initial commissions or commissions on continuing contributions to your superannuation funds or other savings plans and excludes GST.

Fees will apply for each financial year ending 30 June. All client charges recommence on the 1 July each year.


Consolidate Accounts

Include in one account, financial products held by:

  • You
  • Your family members
  • Your companies/trusts
  • Your super funds